Training in Japan

To train in Japan, you'll need to organise flights, money, accomodation and possibly a Visa. To train with Hatsumi (or several of his Shihan) you should be staying in Tokyo and have easy access to the subway or stay near the dojo itself. If you can't stay in Tokyo, make sure you have access to a rail connection nearby.

For information on directions and the class schedules please check out the Hombu and Ayase website

Useful accomodation links:

One important thing to remember when training in Japan is enjoy yourself! Experience the culture, try the language and get your feet wet. A few phrases may help you get by as well. Some ideas are hello, goodbye, thankyou, saying where you are from (and so on). It's not actually too hard (honest).


Links to other sites and to books that will help with your planning, your trip and your stay in Japan.

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