Principles of Ninjutsu - Philosophy

Basic philosophy

The Five Manifestations

Earth - a solid state, a natural posture.
Water - a liquid state, a defensive posture.
Fire - an energy releasing state, an offensive posture
Wind - a gaseous state, a receiving posture
Void - subatomic energy, potential, the substance from which things take form.

The Five Weaknesses

The five weaknesses are based upon the manifestations above and link to the basic traits that an individual may exhibit. The Ninja was expert in observing these traits and exploiting them for his/her own ends.

  • Laziness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sympathy
  • Vanity

The Five Needs

The Ninja was also able to exploit the needs of an adversary. In doing so it was possible to manipulate events and have debts repaid. The Ninja could then be at the centre of activity yet remain hidden.

  • Security
  • Sex
  • Wealth
  • Pride
  • Pleasure

Reference: Ninja and their Secret Fighting Art. Click here to find out more.